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Summer Beach Club

Summer Beach Club

April 4 - July 27 (17 weeks of training)


LOCATION: The Oasis Beach Volleyball Courts

DAYS and TIMES: Mondays & Wednesdays 4:30 - 6:00

Cost: $850

Brief Informantion

Red Storm Summer Beach Club will start April 4th and finish on July  27th for a total of 17 weeks of training. Practice will take place every Monday and Wednesday, 4:30 - 6:00, at The Oasis Beach Courts.  

We welcome all athletes ages 10-18 to join our club. There will be no tryouts, we are excited to work with athletes of all skill levels that show up to practice ready to work hard and get better.

*Registration fee will be used for coaches pay, training equipment, court fees, insurance, team gear, etc.

Red Storm Beach will be offering beach volleyball training for athletes ages 10-18. Our athletes will receive training from experienced beach volleyball coaches, who have coached athletes of all levels and ages from middle school up to Division 1 College Beach Volleyball. Training will progress throughout the season from basic techniques and tactics of beach volleyball, to helping our athletes develop both offensive and defensive systems to become successful in tournaments. Training will be split up into three different skill groups, with each group pushing our athletes to obtain the skills and knowledge to move up to the next. Through coaching evaluations, players will move up to the next group as soon as we think they are ready. Groups are divided as RegionalElite, and National.


Red Storm Beach Groups




Our regional group is for athletes being introduced to Beach Volleyball. In this group, athletes will be taught the core skills to become successful on the beach and will learn how to control their side of the net.


Our Elite group is for athletes who have obtained the core skills of Beach Volleyball and will now start learning the more tactical side of the game. Athletes will now learn how to score and defend against an opponent on the other side of the net.  


Our National Group is for athletes who have the core skills plus a basic knowledge of the tactical side. In this group our athletes will really focus on developing offensive and defensive systems. 


The Red Storm Beach 2022 Season will last 4 months, starting April 4th and finishing July 27th. Practice Days will be every Monday and Wednesday from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. All practices will take place at The Oasis Beach Courts (7477 Burbank Dr.).  


Parents will have the option to sign up their athlete with one payment for the entire season, April-July or in two payments, April & May then June & July. 

*Initial payments are for practices only. Tournament fees will be paid for the week before the tournament. 

Red Storm Beach Payment Options




April 4 - July 26 (Full Season)



April 4 - May 30 (Spring 1/2 Season)



June 1 - July 27 (Summer 1/2 Season)